WW Day 1

So today wa my 1st day on WW. I think overall it went well. I stayed within my points. Yay me.
I get 34 points which is alot. I think it was manageable which is reassuring. I have my meals pretty much planned out for 2morrow.

I am curious to see how much hunger I have to deal with. I am also only packing healthy snacks...cukes, carrots, etc. Maybe even a banana. No more sweet iced tea for me for awhile.


Well it's official....

I went to my 1st weight watchers meeting. Tonight was my last night of eating without regrd or any1 asking about my food consumption. I am nervous, excited...ready. My point goal for the day is 34. I am already thinking about what I am going to eat tomorrow. I guess that is a good thing.


Feed back please

I am so off the bandwagon and ready to really make it happen.
I was thinking about doing weight watchers.. ...

What have been your experience or thoughts on this...?

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