WW Day 1

So today wa my 1st day on WW. I think overall it went well. I stayed within my points. Yay me.
I get 34 points which is alot. I think it was manageable which is reassuring. I have my meals pretty much planned out for 2morrow.

I am curious to see how much hunger I have to deal with. I am also only packing healthy snacks...cukes, carrots, etc. Maybe even a banana. No more sweet iced tea for me for awhile.


  1. Congrats on day 1. Here's to Day 2. You will rock it :)

  2. Good luck with WW!! Hope it works out for you!

  3. How you doing on WW...its the way I lost all my weight...check my blog at before and after pics for motivation.
    I am only allowed 20 points so lucky you having so many.

  4. Keep up the good work and good luck with WW.


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