Being productive...

My to do list today 11/08/09
  • weigh in 213#
  • workout--60 MINUTES OF CARDIO
  • finish laundry--started
  • iron clothes for work
  • take vitmains
  • charge iPod
  • print packing slips
  • pack gym bag
  • cook dinner
  • calculate fund raising stuff for daughter
  • email/text ppl who ordered
  • clean my room
  • clean glass table
  • add info to sparkpeople
  • track my points & calories
11am--workout done, just finishing eating breakfast..now I have to focus on getting things done. My workout was really good. I worked out a nice sweat and really cleared my head. I came up with an incentive list. I wanna workout everyday. For each week that i meet my goal I give myself a reward. The rewards are awesome because they help me treat myself. I think if I treat myself then I will feel more self-worth. I know that lately I have not been feeling like I am as valauble as I know in my heart that I am.

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