My birthday outing

I went out dancing with some girl friends Friday night. I celebrated early because my real bday falls on the Saturday after thanksgiving. So I figured that everyone would be busy. I had a blast. I drank a little 2 much, but woke up feeling great. I danced the night away. Going out with my girlfriends is fun. The hardest part was finding an out fit that I felt attractive in. Here is a pic of me with hubby just before I left the house.
I wanted to get some really cute boots but my calves seem to be oversized so I couldn't find any that fit comfortably. It's weird I know that I am pretty enough, but my weight just does nothing for me. I hate ,y double chin. That is one thing I can't wait to get rid of. I know you are wondeirng...no i haven't been to weight watchers in a week. It seems to pointless. I don't track. I don't feel like it. Apparently eating is more important to me. I wish I knew why. Maybe it because it is so much easier.
I think hubby is getting me the body bugg. I hope he does then maybe that'll be the inspiration i need.

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  1. Don't give up on WW. I have moments, days, or weeks but where I don't track, but I make up for it in other ways.

    I had a hard time finding boots too, but my Mom said you can take boots to the shoe hospital and have extenders or something put into the boots. IDK, I have never tried it before. I had a bunch of boots that I bought, were tight, and I wore them anyway. But now since I have dropped some pounds, the boots fit a bit more comfortably.

    Keep your head up and find some positive things about your body that you like. You are your own worst critic and you need to work on your negative self-talk. don't beat your self up.


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