WW vs AA

I have fallen off the bandwagon and I have fallen hard. I can say that I grateful that my drug of choice is food. It is like I sneak around to eat stuff. I think about food way too much. Its really kinda of sad. I am actually really embarassed. I am in the viscious cycle. I eat then I hate how I look and feel. Then I think about working out and sometimes I even work out only to overeat again. It is so not what I want for myself. It is like I give up too easy and do not work hard on getting my life in order.

I read a quote . . . .

If we really love ourselves, everything in our life works. Louise L. Hay

So I guess there is some level of self loathing going on. I know it will not help me reach my goals. I know I can start over at any time. So why not now. Why not here. I want to stop this ridiculous cycle.

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  1. Stormy, there is a great book out there by Kathleen DesMaisons called "The Sugar Addict's Recovery" I highly recommend reading it. Food can be just like a drug addiction, but the problem is that you have to eat every day. That book helped form a lot of my food philosophy and changed my eating habits. I don't follow it hardcore now, but it was really good to read that I wasn't a failure because of being weak, but because of addiction.


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