Forced Fitness

I was talking with hubby about how I feel like I do better with deadlines loomin over me. Like I made it to the gym with few excuses when I was training for my 1st 5k. I think I need that kinda pressure. SO I started looking up some 5k. Yes winter 5ks. I don't plan on running them but just walking would be enough for me. Just enough to keep me focused and feeling active.

Here is what I am thinking.
Resolution Run... Ok it'd be a walk, but I would do it just the same. January1st 2010. How cool would that be...? I think it'd be awesome if maybe my 12yo daughter and I did it together.
Resolution Run

February 2010

March 2010
2010 Atlanta Women's 5K


  1. OHH YOU ARE SO GOOD WITH ALL OF THAT RUNNING! How do you keep it up in the cold winter? I use the winters to pack on the winter warmth!!

  2. I ADORE THIS. that you are picking a race with the goal of just keeping moving and feeling active.


  3. I just came across your great blog! I agree completely agree with having a 'deadline' looming over me....I seem to do much better if I know there is a specific event coming up :)

  4. I feel the same way. I need something pushing me to do it. For me I lost 40 pounds to fit into a dress for a wedding that I bought two sizes to small. I had to lose the weight. It was either lose the weight or look like an idiot when the dress didn't fit. I was so close to looking like an idiot but I worked my butt off to lose the last ten pounds the month of the wedding. Ever since then I have been much more relazed about my eating and exercise. I need something to give me that push. Maybe I should be looking for a 5 K to run. I am so scared to do this but it would be a good incentive.
    Thanks for putting it in my head.

    Good luck with your 5K.


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