Hmmmm ... Caution.....

....end of the year approaching. Trying to think how I want to end the year and what I want for myself for the year to come.

2010 is 20 years from my high school graduation. My 20 year reunion is coming and I am a little nervous about it. I want to go looking good. I do not have to be a size 6, but a size 10 would be great.

I just wanna get my body back to a shape that I like. One of healthy size.... One that allows me to do more things... I wanna be fulfilled. I desire a life of purpose and meaning. Oddly no one is stopping me but me & my excuses. My lameness...my fear...my procrastination.

But 2morrow is a new day. I can turn things around and get it done. I wish I had a competition to enter. SOme way to be more accountable and take this weight loss seriously. I will work it out.

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