Turning point

My weight was up. I was pset but not surprised. I eat like I am not trying to lose weight. I have been thinking about my food issues all weekend. I feel like I have no self control. But I am not geiving up on myself. I think onre of the things I need to do is get rid of all of snacks in my house. This place should be a safe zone for me and it has not been.

I am thinking about going to an Overeaters Anonymous meeting. Mabe I need more support than I realize. What are your thoughts on this?


WTH Weigh In

218.8# up 2.2#
195 minutes of cardio
1 weight training sessions

No words right now.... I'll post more late


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I do not enter many blog contests because:
  1. Im a mom of 4 and time is of the essence.
  2. Most things I do not want
  3. Im pretty sure I wont win. I am not the luckiest lady around.
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C25K - Week1

Well..I like many before me have decided to post my thoughts on my C25K experience. I will also be copying this post to my blog (stormyvawn.blogspot.com) just for continuity. So this is my next fitness adventure... running a 5k. I am doing this because I wanna be healthy, I also wanna be challenged, and I have always wanted to be a runner. So from what I have seen online this is the way to go.

My first run was on Tuesday, 04/21/2009
Here are my stats:
  • Location: Gym Treadmill
  • Walking pace 3.0
  • Running pace 4.5
  • Total Time 25:00
  • Total Distance 1.36miles

My 2nd run was today. It felt great. I was using a podcast just for the run. It made a huge difference. 4/23/09
  • Location: Gym Treadmill
  • Walking pace 3.0
  • Running pace 4.5
  • Total Time 31:00
  • Total Distance 1.75miles
day3 Saturday 4/25
  • Location: Neighborhood
  • Walking pace ?
  • Running pace ?
  • Total Time 35:00
  • Total Distance 2.17miles
  • Pace 16:05/mi

Day 2.5 Friday
  • Location: Treadmill
  • Walking pace ?
  • Running pace ?
  • Total Time 1:00:00
  • Total Distance 2.77miles
  • Pace 21:37/mi

Do you think that doin walking between the c25k program would be ok?


Getting back in track...

Sometimes it feels like I am always trying to get back on track with my weight loss, my housework, my life. But I am starting to accept that I am a work in progress. I can't expect perfection but that is unattainable. I also have to find new and improved ways of making my life work better for me. I know that I will falter, but I am ok with that.

I made a schedule for myself for the week. I want to maximize my waking hours and get more done in my day. I have to be careful to not make this a document that binds me, but instead make it one that frees me. Frees me to be my best self.

Here is what my Tuesday should look like...
6am wii fit
7am every1 up
8am b-fast 1egg, .5bagel, 2ham, .5 oatmeal
9am c25k**
weight training
12pm Lunch- Salad&Soup
3pm Slimfast
430pm 3outside time
5pm Cook dinner
Frd Fish
6pm Field Trip Mtg

Biggest Loser

100 calorie bite

Good night


Climb Atlanta

Well I did it. I completed Climb Atlanta for the American Lung Association. My original goal was to climb the 50 floors / 1150 steps in under 30 minutes. Then... I started training and practicing on the stair climber. I adjusted my tune... just hoping I could finish in under an hour.

It was a beautiful day. My hubby made me a big healthy breakfast of eggs, grits, ham, and 1/2 a bagel with a protein juice. I was nervous, but real excited. We get there and there are several sponsors. I get my tag and my timing chip. I had a monster energy drink and looked up at the building I was going to climb to the top of... ?? I could feel a bit of a shake in my knees. I had chatted with a few ladies in the line who were like me first time climbers and relative non athletes. I must confess I was a bit relieved to know that I wasn't the only one who was a virgin climber. The first climbers went up at 10:00am. I began my ascent at approximately 10:30am. I had my iPod charged and ready to go. I began my climb jamming to BOOTYLICIOUS.

I got a fast start... maybe a lil too fast cause I was exhausted by the time I got to the 8th floor. But I gathered myself, caught my breath, and got back to my climb. With every step I was more and more physically exhausted but emotionally...mentally I was on fire. It was like my confidence was climbing as a kept getting closer & closer to the top. At some point I realized i wanted to document my climb & I started to take a few pics with my camera phone.

I wasn't sure how long my climb was taking. But I felt like it was going at a decent rate. There were times I could feel my heart beating in my chest and times when my thighs were burning. BUt I kept at it. I didnt quit. I didnt give it.

I finished with a time of 19 minutes and 17 seconds...

This is the begining of a fitter, healthier Stormy. Watch out world.
More pics can be found at here.


Weigh in & thoughts

210 minutes of cardio
2 weight training sessions

I have so far 2 go. i'm glad i'm down a half a pound, but still feelin disappointed in myself. Every a.m. I start really strong. I eat a good breakfast. And try to have a decent lunch. I cook dinner most nights. I think it is a combination of what and how much i eat. I also think I need 2 bake and grill more of my foods. I am contemplating doing my own version of nutri system. Picking a calorie limit and sticking to it. Currently I am eating like I am in maintenance mode.

I must make a confession here. I am scared. Of what you ask... what if I can't control my eating...? Because right now its not a issue because I haven't imposed that type of restriction


Late posting-weigh in

Here are my stats for the past week...

* Weight: 217# up 1.2 lbs
* 5 # of days i worked out
* 260 minutes total worked out
* 4 # days I drank enough water
* 0 # days I logged my food


Well... it is what it is...

Hubby and I talked and I may be going back to work way sooner than I really wanted to. I must admit it kinda breaks my heart a little thinking about going back to work and having to leave my babies. I have kind of carved out a niche for myself here as a stay at home mom. I actually really like it...except for the struggling financially part. So I have to '"take one for the team" and see if I can help us get back on a more firm footing financially.

I have mixed emotions about the whole 'going back 2 work thing".But most of my feelings are negative just to warn you. I am mad at myself because maybe had I gone back to work earlier things would be better. Then I am mad because I don't really want to go back to work. I am jealous because my husbands 1st wife didn't have to work. I am mad because I wanted to do this on my own terms and I am not getting that opportunity. Then I am a sad about the thought of someone else spending their days with my two little ones. I hate the thought of someone else getting most of their giggles and smiles and cries and drying their tears. I wanna do that.

I wish I felt better about it all. Maybe this personal training things is my best bet for work without having to work a straight 9-5. I am so filled with emotion that I am worn out. I can and will get through this..maybe sleep will help clear my mind. It sure can't hurt.


Weekend Whoas & Wonders

It was my anniversary weekend so I got to spend some QT with my hubby. All in all it was a good weekend. I did eat 2 much & I will have to work really hard to over compensate for what I ate.

DH and I did have a few words today because in a nutshell I feel misunderstood. I do not think it is too much to expect to have my anniversary weekend be a weekend that does not involve having company. This is the same issue we have had discussion after discussion about. I am so tired that I do not even feel like talking about it anymore. The fact that my simple request for quality time could be so easily disregarded just broke my heart. I know that every marriage is different and myabe this situation would be fine with another woman but it is not fine with me. I try my best to give my hubby my best. I do not do things repeatedly that he would not like or that bother him. I tyr to respect his rules & wishes. Maybe I am not a good wife like I see myself and that is why he feels/see it as okay to do what he does without a second thought.

I just do not know. I do know that I am still upset and it has been several hours. I wish my feelings would pass or change but they haven't. I have been in an unhappy marriage. This marriage is going to last, but I hate the thought of decades of dealing with stuff like this. Please do not get me wrong, I love my husband. And all in all he is a great guy, but it just seems like his priorities and his thought process sometimes are counterintuitive to what is best for our marriage. I wish I could just be okay with every Saturday night spent alone. But I am not. I wish I could accept that I am powerless when it comes to havig people injected in to my world/life when I don't want them. But I can't.

I feel so sad, but at least I was able to give my feelings a voice. Hopefully this voice will help me find the answers I need to find.

On a brighter note, my hubby got a wii fit and we played it a ton this weekend. My son visited form Friday-Sunday home from college. Hubby & I went tout for lunch on Friday & Staurday and out for dinner oon Friday & Sunday.Yay 4 me I didn't have 2 cook.


Weekly Weigh In

Well i weighed in this a.m. I weighed 215.8#. I am down 1.8#. Yay! I am very glad 2 see the scale going down. I am not sure how much progress that I am going to make this weekend...especially since it is my anniversary. That means eating out & lounging around. I will just have to exercise super hard during next week - Monday thru Thursday.

* Weight: 215.8# I am down 1.8 lb .
* 5 # of days i worked out
* 295 minutes total worked out
* 5 # days I drank enough water
* 1 # days I logged my food


I've been thinking..***UPDATE****

I have been doing good the past few weeks. My exercise is on point. I feel really great about that. I am studying to take the ACSM certified personal trainer test. I really want to be able to help people get in shape and make decent money in the process. I am taking all of the pretests in the study guide that I bought. Next I will start reading and reading. I am pretty confident in my ability to help people. I want to be able to design effective exercise programs. I want to start weight training this month. Maybe I will look into my review guide and it'll will tell me what I need to know.

I started a new blog. Its my 101 in 1001 blog. Check it out and tell me what you think. I am really in a place where I want to improve and do things to make my next 37 years better than the 1st 37.

I do not ever post bideos but this one reallyhit home for me. Check it out and tell me what you think.

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