Things are always changing. I am no different. As the end of the year draws closers. I am filled with numerous thoughts and emotions. I do not want 2 b filled with regret this time next year.


I did it!

I am registered for my 2nd 5k. It has been like 5-6 onths since I ran my 1st one. I am no where near ready, but oh well. I am registered. I also registeredmy 12yo daughter. She asked if I would do it with her. So what the heck. I will use this run as the baseline for this year. I wanna see myself improve and change.

This is the run we are doing....


return of...

,,,, hmm
how 2 label myself always challenging. i had deicded i didnt wanna wait 2 get back 2 the gym on the 1st. so figured the day after christmas would be my starting point. i weighed in at 220.8. yuck.
im still planning on walking the 1st of january 5k. its gonna be a beast but i really wanna do it. im still looking 4 motivation. i have all of these tools but i just need 2 use them.
i love my body bugg and hubby got me the watch 2 go with it 4 christmas. plus i got a food scale and a ric ecooker. all stuff i need and wanted. i keep getting rid of my bullshit 2 excuses. this body has 2 changhe. i wanna go 2 my reunion looking good. i dont hafgta 2 b a size 10 but i could do it if i set my mind 2 it.
so i will be back on here more as well.
on another note, my mom is here. shes driving me crazy but not as much as last tiime. her meds are working well.
aww crap ran outta time. im be back.


Winter Break - Yay

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I am on winter break. No work for over 2 weeks. At least no work at school with other peoples kids. I have my children to spend time with. I also want to start some better habits and hit the gym. I hope the babies take the gym day care cause I wanna go every morning like I used to before I went back to work.

I took a look back at my 101 in 1001 blog....I felt a bit disappointed in myself. I had such lofty goals. I am not quitting on the list just reflecting on it.



Yes... I have laryngitis. I am home & so is hubby and the babies. Aneglina has pink eye and ear infection in one ear. Fun day for all at our house. :-)
I have been wearing my body bugg but not tracking my food. Which is not good. I will be back on track soon. I am trying to decide on a good weigh in day. One that can help me stay on track. I used to weigh in on Friday bit if my weight was down I would eat like crazy all weekend. So I aml eaning toward Sunday or Monday. Any thoughts on this would be great.


Speechless literally

The end of the year is approaching and winter break is so close. I can't wait. I plan on getting back in the gym. Right now...I am speechless literally... practically. I am losing my voice, It is no fun. But I can deal. I have 2 friends from work who have agreed to do the resolution 5k with me on jan 1st. I am very excited. I am also starting a betting pool for winter break weight loss. I wanna get every 1 to put in $10. Whoever loses the greatest % of weight wins the cash. Cool huh. I am going to bring my scale in on Friday and promote my plan for the next 2 days.


Forced Fitness

I was talking with hubby about how I feel like I do better with deadlines loomin over me. Like I made it to the gym with few excuses when I was training for my 1st 5k. I think I need that kinda pressure. SO I started looking up some 5k. Yes winter 5ks. I don't plan on running them but just walking would be enough for me. Just enough to keep me focused and feeling active.

Here is what I am thinking.
Resolution Run... Ok it'd be a walk, but I would do it just the same. January1st 2010. How cool would that be...? I think it'd be awesome if maybe my 12yo daughter and I did it together.
Resolution Run

February 2010

March 2010
2010 Atlanta Women's 5K

Hmmmm ... Caution.....

....end of the year approaching. Trying to think how I want to end the year and what I want for myself for the year to come.

2010 is 20 years from my high school graduation. My 20 year reunion is coming and I am a little nervous about it. I want to go looking good. I do not have to be a size 6, but a size 10 would be great.

I just wanna get my body back to a shape that I like. One of healthy size.... One that allows me to do more things... I wanna be fulfilled. I desire a life of purpose and meaning. Oddly no one is stopping me but me & my excuses. My lameness...my fear...my procrastination.

But 2morrow is a new day. I can turn things around and get it done. I wish I had a competition to enter. SOme way to be more accountable and take this weight loss seriously. I will work it out.

Random thoughts

I can't believe that the end of the year is so quickly approaching. I feel like I did not necessarily accomplish all that I wanted. I am back at work and trying to get my body back in2 shape. I know if you have been reading my blog then you know how I have not done so great at losing weight. I think the problem is 2fold. I really enjoy eating junk food. And I cannot stick with my workout regime.

I got the body bugg for my birthday. It has given me a good perspective on my eating. I have been very honest in logging what I eat. I really want to get to the bottom of why I overeat. I mean I just finished watching the season finale of biggest loser & I know that eating is more than just to sustain myself.

I am excited about winter break. I want to get back on the bandwagon & start honoring myself more. Taking better care of myself. Then I will feel better mentally & physically.

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