Blah Monday

I really did not like this Monday. I woke up in funk. Hubby wanted to spend QT and I was 2 sleep y to be bothered. But oh well. That is married life I guess. I weighed in 220# this a.m.
I was planning to go to the gym but I have 2 work at my school until 6pm. So gym is cancelled for today. I may however decide to use my wii to squeeze in some exercise. That is what I did yesterday and managed to eek out 30 minutes of activity. I started to make myself a weekly schedule to plan out my exercise and other stuff. I hope this helps me focus more. I want to attend to the things tHt areally matter to me.

My health matters to me. My 5k traning starts this Saturday. I pray it isnt too cold and that I dont suck too badly.

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  1. It's hard to get back into the work routine after a nice relaxing weekend. I'm working from home today and you'd think that would make things feel better but I'm STILL grouchy ;)
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