I hope to be productive this week.

Workout days:

Workout plan:
TUE-cardio & legs
WED-boot camp conditioning
THU-cardio & upper body
FRI-cardio & abs
SAT-5k training

Other things I wanna get done:
mail package to my mom
pack lunch every day for work
put away daughters laundry
do 1 load of laundry per day
cook dinner Monday-Friday
lesson plans for 2/1 and 2/8

It feels good to have a plan for my week. Hopefully I get a few followers to keep me honest. I am strongly considering doing to breast cancer 3 day walk. It is 60 miles over 3 days. I know I can the walk. The big question is can I raise the funds. The find raising goal is $2300. I have about 9 months to raise it but I am a little weary. I am going to see who I can get to walk with me and maybe that'll be the extar push I need.

My walk/run on Saturday went well. My time improved by a little ovr 30 seconds.
My 1st week pace was 17:52. My distance was 1.12 in 15 minutes.
My 2nd week pace was 17:12. My distance 1.75 miles in 25 minutes.

So I am improving and that is very encouraging.


  1. Stormy, you should definitely do the 3 Day! Order the informational DVD, and you'll sign up the day you get it. I did it solo last November, and as it approached, I was a little nervous about going alone, but this is the most amazing event EVER! I met so many cool people, one of whom is my hero--a woman who was diagnosed at treated at the age of 34 WHILE PREGNANT! We still keep in touch. I was worried about the fundraising, too, but you'll be surprised at the generosity you will experience from your friends and family! I actually exceeded the minimum and raised $2550! I made a video of the event because I was on a natural high for weeks afterward...you can check it out here:


    And thank you again for my first official donation. Let me know when you sign up and I'll return the favor!

  2. good job!

    - Lisa


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