Another new beginning,....

I have still been playing with this weight loss thing. Its like I cant even write about it because I feel like a failure. I guess I am not quite a failure becuz I havent stopped trying yet.

I want to quit. It want to do what is easy, but I think I will hate myself more than I do already. I am getting over an upper respiratory infection. So i havent been exercising. My 5k is in 3 weeks I am so not ready. I will still do it. I hate feeling like a am a quitter. I also have officially put my daughter on a 'diet'. I didn't want to do it but she needs to get her eating under control. She is 5'4" and weighs 186lbs. I am 40 lbs bigger than her. So therefore, my example is really crappy. So i want us to work on this together.

Did i mention the betting pool at work? There are 4 of us. We each put in 20 a month. So since Jan 2010 guess how much I have lost...? NOTHINg. I am actually up 1.2 lbs. What a bunch of crap. But I am moving forward. I have my lunch packed and since money is tight I will be eating small breakfasts.

I would blog more but lately I have been so down that it is hard to find the words. I feel like I keep talking and not doing. I need to be dooing more and not talking.

I will make this happen for myself.


  1. I wish you and I were closer together so we could support each other. I can't tell you how many times I could have written this post. I am here for you...

    - Lisa

  2. Never give up. Ever. Even if it means restarting every single day. You are worth trying for every day!


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