Tired Tuesday

I am still getting the gist of this getting organized stuff. It definitely takes a mental shift, but I feel like I am making progress in the right direction. I haven't quite been on target with my to-do list, but its baby steps... a marathon and not a sprint.

We had a faculty meeting at work and I should find out in the next few days whether I will be offered a contract for the upcoming school year. I have mixed feelings about it all. This school year has been so challenging and stressful. I missed the babies like crazy.
I have been looking for job at other schools but nothing has panned out. I am really waiting for God to lead me but it is really difficult.

To stop it all off .... I have managed to put on 10 lbs. in the past year. Which sucks. Oh well, gotta move forward. School is out in 3 weeks and I will get back on track. I will stop turning to food. I will make me a priority.


Spring cleaning

...begins with the mind.

I bought a new book title Organize Now. To say the least, the book is much needed. I had been feeling lately like I could not get a grasp on my life. I could not make time for everything. I was feeling very overwhelmed and under inspired. So i saw this book in Lowe's and picked it up.

SO this is week 1... I started May 1st. Week 1 is the first of 4 weeks under the sub topic of Organize Yourself. . Week 1 topic Organize your Mind.

So my goals this week are to:
  • get 7 hours sleep a night
  • start each day with a to do list
  • start a journal (I am going get my blog up & going again)
  • Limit TV
  • Practice Meditating ( I am going to pray)
  • Schedule time to exercise
  • Schedule ME time
  • Eliminate energy drainers
  • Take Control of my time
I am excited about getting ME in order from the ground up. I welcome any comments and/or tips.

the more things change

the more they stay the same. i miss bloggiing * decided 2 blg from my phone. sorry in advance for any typos. i have been puttin off bloggin because im frustrated with myself. i also hate my failure being on display. but maybe daily reflection is exactly what i need. cuz all the stuff i need 2 do isnt getting accomplished.

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