I left myself go

It is true and it sucks. I have taken a back seat to the business of me. And it shows. It shows in my sleep. . . .my work....my house... and of course my weight. I have been on vacation for almost a month and life has not slowed down. So that tells me if I am waiting for life to pause while I get my act together, I will be waiting a very long time for real.

So then the next, obvious question is then what ? What to do? I have 2 choices...

1- continue to do what I have been doing which is a terrible choice because I am look in the mirror and see the results of that or
2- move forward and get back on track. Back on track may not be perfect or comfortable but at the end of the day I will like the results way better than choice 1.

Life is totally what you make it and I want more than this on so many levels.
IF others cannot help or support me then they need to just stay out of my effing way.

I am going to sketch out some plans and be back to share shortly.

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