Back 2 work

Yay me. I got hired by real school district. I am so thankful. So I started this week working. Summer ended 2 abruptly, but hey I can handle it. So today was day 2. The training was slow as heck. I barely survived. I have one more day and I can do this.

After work, I got really frustrated with my teenage daughter. She asked 2 go 2 youth at church. I told her I was 2 tired then she pouted. So I agreed, and told her it would be the last time because I cannot be running all over town after work. This church is 20 minutes one way. SO I do it and pull off and she calls me back and says the program is on a break until August. I could have screamed.

Oh well... its in the past. Then I came home and was 2 tired 2 cook dinner. So we had Zaxbys salads. Then I washed the babies and put them to bed.

Anyway... I am winding down and trying to focus on getting a routine down.

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