Back to work

I must confess this past week has been awesome. I was able to reinvigorate my workouts. I made a new friend who I hope keeps me honest. I started to tackle my paperwork, although I am not quite finished. It was awesome to sleep in and spend my days with the babies. So I am ready for work and feeling really good.

I hope to continue on this path ...

I was talking with hubby and was telling him how I must accept the fact that this whole exercise thing is not a temporary thing. I need to accept the fact that I need to devote/spend at least 30 mins every day exercising. I would like to eventually increase that time but at my current weight and having 2 small kids makes it a bit difficult.

This whole process of being a whole, healthier me is going to take time. It is a marathon, Heck...more like a triathlon. I need to lose weight, eat healthier, and develop lifelong healthy habits. So i need to be more understanding, more consistent, more focused....

I want to do it right once and for all. I am worth it!

My goals for this week are to:
  • continue work on training for 5k
  • stairmaster for 15mins
  • balance my budget
  • log my food 7 of 7 days
  • stay within my calories 6 of 7 days
  • finish organizing paperwork
  • spend 10 mins every day reading
I have more than that on my mind and to do list but those things are the most important.

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  1. Yeah, you're right! It is more like a triathlon or decathlon. It's a lifelong change and it stinks that we are going to be consumed with the thoughts of eating out, working out, and weight loss for the rest our lives :-( But, you're on the right track and you're doing something about it!


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