419 days to 40yrs and 145 lbs

I have a new goal. Well it isn't really a new goal. It is my ideal weight and my 40th birthday. I want to weight what I weighed when I was 20. That weight was 145 lbs. Actually I was even smaller ...closer to 135, but I think that is too small for me. So I am aiming for 145 lbs by my 40th birthday.

It calculates out to about 1.5 lbs a week. Its 91 lbs from my weight this past Saturday. It seems like so much weight to lose, but I need to pace myself and build back into my life the healthy eating habits that I need to carry into middle age.

Yes... Thats right I said it. Middle Age. That is what the 40's are to me. I am ok with aging. I just want to be the best me I can be. I can only be that if I am at a healthy weight. I was looking up so an image and I found quite a few that were 2 cute not to share.

Anyway... gotta run. I will be updating ofetn. I welcome any and all help/support/ accountability.

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