Ephiphany with 418 days to go

Well I wondered how I would share my ephipany or my "light bulb" moment. I acknowledge that I am aging. I do not have a major problem getting older. I mean whats the point? You can not do anything about it.

But it seems lately that I am feeling OLD. Actually, I am feeling older than I believe I should.

What feels old you ask?
  • my knees hurt
  • my feet get swollen easily
  • i get frequent heartburn
  • i am overweight
So I was thinking... "Why is my body failing me?" Then it happen. My light bulb moment.
My body did not fail me. I have failed it. I have failed my body. I have added an extra 100 pounds t it and then expect it to perform at optimum levels. That is absurd.

No need to try to put the blame for me body & health on anyone, but myself. But that is not it. I cannot just sit back and let this madness continue. I have and will continue to work towards getting back to a healthier me.

I am worth it and so is my family. So this triathlon that is my life continues.

So let me pose this question to those who read my blog...

Have you failed your body? Are you ready to turn things around? No matter how hard the battle may seem, the alternative is really in its essence even worse. You can do it. You may occasionally slip. But keep getting back up is the sign of a real champion.

Well... that is my 2 cents.

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