Mind Over Body - 10 steps to a healthy lifestyle

10 simple step huh.
Well what the heck I am going to review these steps and see how I can apply them to my life. I am on a roll so I accept all of the help & support I can get.

I found this article on my Favorite website.

The link is here.

The 10 Steps to Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle :

  1. Put the “I” in Your Weight Loss Plan.
  2. Take the stress out of weighing ins.
  3. Tame your " toxic guilt" before it wipes out your will power .
  4. Tame your Emotional Eating Beast .
  5. Take the mystery out of staying motivated.
  6. Write your vision statement.
  7. Plot your strategy.
  8. Give yourself a reality check-up.
  9. Pave the way for persistence.
  10. Learn from yourself.
I hope you enjoy my journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

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