Money Talks...

Money Talks...and well you know how the rest of the saying goes. I was thinking about ways to motivate myself as well as reward my hard work all while savung up for my bigger rewards.

I am going to pay myself $5 for a perfect day. What makes a perfect day you ask? Well for the purpose of this experiment a perfect $5 day means I worked out at least 30mins and did not eat any food from a restaurant.

So here is the breakdown
$5= 1 3omin workout and no restaurant/fast food
$4=1 3o min workout and 1 meal ate out
$3=1 3o min workout and 2 meals ate out
$2=1 3o min workout and all meals ate out
$2=all three meals eaten at home/leftovers etc

What do you think?

No money if I do not work out. SO I can eat all 3

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