My goals...

I have been playing/toying with the idea of setting goals for my weight loss for way too long. Of course, I want to get down to 145 by my 40th birthday. That is a given. That is the easy goal to set.
The hard thing for me to do is break down my goals in to measurable chuncks and come up with some rewards for myself.

Soounds crazy when I read it. I am havig trouble rewarding myself. WTH.

But it is true, I have been doing well since I started this journey anew in September, but I think that secretly I am still holding on to the idea that I may fail.

Here is what I have come up with so far...

Hubby Rewards...
220 Dinner without kids. (10% of Total body weight lost)
199 Dinner & movie without kids. (Onederland arrival)
170 Overnight getaway without kids. (50% of weight loss / 50lbs down)
145 Shopping spree for new wardrobe. (Final Goal weight / 40% of total body weight lost)

So I have the 4 major milestone treats lined up. But I was also considering some in between type rewards. More practical stuff I may need as I shrink down. Some of the items I am thinking of include but are not limited to new undies, new bras, workout clothes, 1-2 pairs of pants, etc.

The in---between milestones would be

What do you think? Any thoughts or additional ideas....?

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