Super fraustrated

I know this is a common topic but I needed 2 share or I might explode. I have like 90 pounds to lose before I feel like I am at my ideal weight. I work a full-time job. I have a great husband and 4 challenging children. Overall... i really 247 my life. I do have a few challenges that really take their toll on me.

The biggest one is my mother. Our relationship is strained at best. She thinks we are close, but truthfully I really do not like her. But I do not express my true feelings because I do not want to hurt her & I feel it would be a major waste of time. Our whack relationship is normally manageable as she lives in another state. Well she is throwing her life away. And expects me to play clean up lady. Since her downward spiral starting in March has cost me over $1200. She gotten 2 DUIs and attempted suicide like 3 times. She has lost her car, her job, her place to stay... EVERYTHING.

She is awaiting a court date that keeps getting pushed back. She is staying withe some cousins in the town next to me. I have been putting off having her come stay with me for the obvious reasons. So yesterday my mom calls all upset. she was left back at the house and her cousin didn't taker her with her. So she sat their pouting and teary eyes. She was complaining about how she just needs to be near her family. Her real family... her immediate family. How she doesn't understand why I don't get it. So I am listening but not commenting.

So as the conversation goes on... She starts to come down on me when she tells me she needs to come for weekend. Well as we already know I don't want her to come 2 my house. Any who... we have words. She starts telling me how she raised my son (which she didn't), how she would help me with anything (which she hasn't) etc, etc. So I let it slip how she is selfish & does not know anything about me. She proceeds to tell me how I need to "get right" and forgive her. Because as a Christian that is what I should do. I tell her that I have forgiven her, but I just don't forget.

So as I am the only child, I am her last & only hope. You would think she would treat me better. Or at least have a little appreciation. I am so done with here. I really wish she wasn't my mom & that I didn't hve anything to do with her. That is not an option so I need to figure out how to navigate this trying situation.

Any advice?

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  1. This is a really tough one, and in my opinion, you need to give yourself space from your mother. You need to put yourself and your mental sanity first. Your mother's problems are not your problems, and helping her is not your responsibility. She is an adult and must learn to deal with this on her own. By helping her out, you are enabling this behavior. It just ends up being a vicious cycle. The fallout will be really hard to take, but you must be strong.


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