39th bday today

I turned 39 yrs old today. It was a low key day. Spent time with my family & kept it close to home. I am feeling much better now that the flu meds and stuff are working. I want to make the most of this year before i turn 40.

I am scared to put anything out there for fear of public failure but where id the reward if you don't take a risk...?

So here it goes. I plan on being physically active for at least 30 minutes every day until I turn 40.

I will measure this in various ways.
I can go to the gym.
Exercise on my wii.
Work around house et cetra.

I will also blog something every day.
I will count day the days til I am 40.
I will make this year so much better.

I can do this.

Will you support me?
Will you keep me honest?
Will you challenge me?

I can do this!
10950 minutes of exercise consecutive til my 40th bday.

I did 45 minutes on the wii today.

364 days left 45 minutes total


fighting myself

i am @ it again. this whole getting healthy thing feelin like a battle within myself. i say i wanna lose weight & be healthy but so often my actions are counterintuitive. i need 2 stop failin myself. i deserve so much better. i know im worth this.

i know that my situation with my mom still being here isnt helping either. i dislike her and i need 2 address that. yet that is real difficult when she is in my life full time.

its like being a kid agin without control over my environment. its like i lost a piece of my peace when she arrived. it sucks that by doin right by her i am wronging myself. wtf.

my 39th bday is in a few days. i don't dread getting older but i do wish my life was a little better. i know i have alot 2 b thankful for but i have always been who looks for improvement. i have been told that i am never satisfied.

yet why should i be happy with less than what i want? should i change what i want?

is it wrong to want to be a healthy weight?
want my children to be polite & respectful?
to want date nights with my hubby w/o having 2 beg?
to want a few girlfriends i can hang out with?
to want my spouse 2 clean up behind himself?
to want weekends that inolve more thn sitting home.

gott go will finish later


Thanksgiving Plan Updates

Goals and how I am doing on them...

minimum 1 hour workout of cardio
  • Sat-45min step class 15 min recumbent bike
  • Sun
  • Mon
  • Tue
  • Wed
  • Thu
  • Fri
  • Sat


Plan for my week off

I have big, yet reasonable plans for my week off. I do not wan to be 2 ambitious because I do not wanna feel overwhelmed with work , but I also want to return to work ready for the weeks prior to the winter break.
I also need to re-start my weight loss efforts in earnest. I have not gone off the bandwagon completely but I am off track.

So here is what I am thinking...
  • minimum 1 hour workout of cardio
  • do wii fit plus 4 of 9 days
  • log food 7 of 9 days
  • blog every other day
  • drink 8 glasses of water daily
  • read other peoples blog and comment
In terms of general not fitness related goals here are some of the things I want to accomplish:
  • clean out & organize closet
  • clean out & organize tall dresser
  • go through kids drawers and remove all clothes that are too small
  • donate clothes
Appointments this week
  • doctor
  • counselor
  • wellness coach
So that is what I am thinking. I am excited to see how it all works itself out. Or maybe I should say I am anxious to see how I work it all out.
  • take babies to park

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