39th bday today

I turned 39 yrs old today. It was a low key day. Spent time with my family & kept it close to home. I am feeling much better now that the flu meds and stuff are working. I want to make the most of this year before i turn 40.

I am scared to put anything out there for fear of public failure but where id the reward if you don't take a risk...?

So here it goes. I plan on being physically active for at least 30 minutes every day until I turn 40.

I will measure this in various ways.
I can go to the gym.
Exercise on my wii.
Work around house et cetra.

I will also blog something every day.
I will count day the days til I am 40.
I will make this year so much better.

I can do this.

Will you support me?
Will you keep me honest?
Will you challenge me?

I can do this!
10950 minutes of exercise consecutive til my 40th bday.

I did 45 minutes on the wii today.

364 days left 45 minutes total


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