Yes it is only Tuesday evening, but hey. I wanted to post. I am trying out a new schedule.

And I include blogging. I need 2 get more things together & then I will have more to blog about. I made it 2 the gym and did 25 minutes on the treadmill. I didn't wanna do it, but, as always, I did it.

Workout update
Tuesday- cardio -YES, legs--NO

So i am planning to go take this boot camp class 2 morrow and I hope it doesn't kill me



I hope to be productive this week.

Workout days:

Workout plan:
TUE-cardio & legs
WED-boot camp conditioning
THU-cardio & upper body
FRI-cardio & abs
SAT-5k training

Other things I wanna get done:
mail package to my mom
pack lunch every day for work
put away daughters laundry
do 1 load of laundry per day
cook dinner Monday-Friday
lesson plans for 2/1 and 2/8

It feels good to have a plan for my week. Hopefully I get a few followers to keep me honest. I am strongly considering doing to breast cancer 3 day walk. It is 60 miles over 3 days. I know I can the walk. The big question is can I raise the funds. The find raising goal is $2300. I have about 9 months to raise it but I am a little weary. I am going to see who I can get to walk with me and maybe that'll be the extar push I need.

My walk/run on Saturday went well. My time improved by a little ovr 30 seconds.
My 1st week pace was 17:52. My distance was 1.12 in 15 minutes.
My 2nd week pace was 17:12. My distance 1.75 miles in 25 minutes.

So I am improving and that is very encouraging.


Fake, Fraudm Phony

I am giong on my 2nd training run today. I am dreading it. I need it though. I am glad that I am doing it. I just feel like a fraud. I'm not a runner. I am not a fitness buff. I am a fitness fraud. I say that because I do not do all of the fit things I know that I should be doing.

And oh how it shows. I weight over 215# so it is obviously I am unhealthy. I dont even feel like I dress the part right. I am wearing these gross sweat pants and 2 junky shirts. Yes I am whining about my clothes. I am in a mood & I hope that if i blog about it I can move past it. I know that no one id perfect and I am probably being t o hard on myself.

Maybe I am not being hard enough on myself. NOt holding myself to a high enough standard. Not requiring more of myself. I don't know. Sometimes I feel like I really wanna lose this weight but I do not really want 2 do what it takes to make it happen. I wanna eat like I have been eating and still lose weight. It doesn't work that way.

I apologize for my ramblings, I just needed to share.


Blah Monday

I really did not like this Monday. I woke up in funk. Hubby wanted to spend QT and I was 2 sleep y to be bothered. But oh well. That is married life I guess. I weighed in 220# this a.m.
I was planning to go to the gym but I have 2 work at my school until 6pm. So gym is cancelled for today. I may however decide to use my wii to squeeze in some exercise. That is what I did yesterday and managed to eek out 30 minutes of activity. I started to make myself a weekly schedule to plan out my exercise and other stuff. I hope this helps me focus more. I want to attend to the things tHt areally matter to me.

My health matters to me. My 5k traning starts this Saturday. I pray it isnt too cold and that I dont suck too badly.



It is the end of my winter break. I had all of these great plans of what I wanted to do. I did not meet my own expectations. I am not beating myself up. I am just dealing with it. I had an enjoyable break. I had to nurse my sick babies back to help. I am thankful that they are all better.

I am pretty much ready 4 the week ahead. My plan is to work a strong day from 7am -330pm every day and hit the gym, after work. I have already packed my gym bag, charged my ipod, and now I need a workout plan.

I am thinking that I will re-do the c25k plan. Plus add in weight training. I wanna devote 45 minutes to 1 hour on myself. 30 minutes cardio and 15-30 minutes weight training.

Did I mention that I got the "OK' from dear hubby that if I wanted to could register for the "Women on the Run" Training Series. Its only $50 for 11 weeks worth of training and weekly runs. So now I have 2 just committ to doing it. I need 2 rid myself of my excuses.


Resolution Run-Done

I completed my 2nd 5k and my 1st one of 2010.
Yay me.

This one was quite different from the 1st one that I trained for. To say the least I felt the difference. I haven't been working out much and I did this one with my 12 yo daughter. She heard me talk about it and asked if she could do it with. I was pretty sure she would not be able to run most of it but I didn't want to discourage her. So I allowed her to do it with me. It was on January 1st at 12pm. It was in the 30's that a.m.

There was hundreds of runners at this annual event. It was put on by the Atlanta Track Club. It always feels ackward to be around so many fit people. I look forward to the day when I fell like I belong. I don't feel unwelcome there....just outta place. But I won't be outta place for long..that is for sure. My final time was 54:28. That time was 12 minutes slower than my 1st 5k. But I figured it would be. I was 53 out of 55 participants in my age group. I was very dissappointed I was so far down. I did, however, run much less than I wanted because I did not want to leave my daughter to face her 1st 5k on her own. Her time was 1 second faster than mine. She placed 35 out of 35 in her age group.

I think this was eye opening for her. I also think it was a confidence builder. I want her to realize that she is capable of doing anything she sets her mind to.

I am contemplating joining the Atlanta Track Club. A family membership is only $60. I think it would be great if the entire family started running. I saw several little kids doing the 5k and the 10k. I know that good fitness for my family starts with my example.

I go back to work this week after being off for 2 wks. I am still trying to wrap my mind around it. I will blog more later when I am not so sleepy.

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