Feeling so alone.
So misunderstood.
Why can't my feelings be acknowledged.
Why ask me questions that you already know the answer to?
Why I am so upset?
Why would you wanna leave me home?
Am I not fun?
Don't I like to do stuff?
We don't do enough stuff together as it is.

I miss my friends. I wish my best friends lived closer. No one here gets me. At times I think he does, then again he doesn't or he wouldn't hurt me. He wouldn't ask me things her KNOWS would upset me. He would comfort me & realize my needs... especially when it comes to social events. It would be different if we had busy calendar together. But we don't. For the most part, our life is pretty boring. I accept that. I accept it because that is the sacrifice for family. It is just ironic how he can manage to get stuff to do for him but not for us.

If I do something away from my husband, it usually because he doesn't want to do it.

I really hate this hopeless sad feeling that has come over me. I'm done for tonight.

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