Goal check

I did well on some of my goals and others not so well.

  • Cardio every day 15minutes minimum.
  • 1 Stairmaster minimum
  • 1 weight training session
  • Track my food all 7 days
  • Stay within my calorie range 5 of 7 days
  • Drink my 8 glasses everyday
  • Blog 3 times during the week.

Here is how I faired last week...

6 of 7----Cardio every day 15minutes minimum. ( missed Tuesday due to taking son 2 hospital)
DONE-----1 Stairmaster Minimum ( actually did 2 stairmaster sessions)
DONE-----1 weight training session
0 of 7 NO-----Stay within my calorie range (only tracked 1 day--not good)
0 of 7 NO-----Drink my 8 glasses everyday

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