Making Lemonade

So my mom leaves 2morrow night. I am glad that she is going to be gone, but I wish she wasn't going to jail. It is so sad. I want so much more for her, but i cannot do it for her.

The babies are really going to miss her. I know that for sure. I am taking them to school but I will pick them up pretty early. It is important to keep them in a routine.

I cannot imagine how stressful 2morrow will be around here. I do know that it is going to really suck, but I will try to be strong and deal with everything the best way I know how.

Tonight is the first time I have really had an real emotion about her going off to jail. I am not even sure why I am crying. I am scared for her. I am worried about my oldest son and how he's going to deal with it. I pray my mom doesn't do anything else stupid.

I know that she isnt the 1st grandmother to go to jail. I just never imagined in a million years that I would have to deal with this I do not know why this all surprises me so much. I have had a lifetime of her drama. I am so tired of being burdened with her issues.

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