Really not in the mood

I am so tired at the moment. Not so much physically but mentally. I had been real good about getting things in order for the week so I, at least, have that in order.

But lately my teenage daughter is really pissing me off and I am trying to remain calm. She is lying and stealing little bits of money from me. She told me she needed money for a field trip but she actually pocketed 25 of that money for herself.

I do not like what I am seeing in her. She is on punishment until at least the end of the month. If she does not get it together, she is going to have her worst birthday ever. i refuse to go all out for someone who lies and disrespects me.

Lord help me to get through this.


  1. Oh dear...Been there done that...wish you all the luck!

    Our youngest daughter is 11...here come those teen years again...oh the joy!

  2. Grrrrr Teenagers! You'll get through it, remember you're the boss

    you have a great blog x


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