Sad and beat

I had a good day work. But my home life had me stressed and pissed off. I have been dealing with my teenage daughter. It has worn me down. She has been lying, stealing money, all so she can buy lunch at school and eat junk food.

I really take my children's success and failure personally. I know in my heart that I can only do what I can do. They have to make choices for themselves. Their errosr do not hurt any less. Trust me on that.

So here I sit, hurt, pissed off, and on the verge of crying. I feel like if I had my weight under control she would follow my good example. I feel like a failure.

Its like an emotional roller coaster. I want to work out until the time to go to the gym comes around. Then I look for any excuse to not go.

I know there is nothing good that is going to come outta me beating myself up. I will eventually get my shit 2gther in the healthy department. It just didn't happen today.

Tomorrow is a new day and I welcome it.

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