Thoughts on parenting

Every child deserves two parents.So wait until you are in a committed relationship before you chose to procreate. If you have sex without protection you are choosing to procreate.

Do not have more children than you can afford. If you need public assistance, then you should not keep having more children.

Things you should teach your child.
1. full name
2. address
3. phone number
4. how to dial 911

Things parents should know about their child(ren)
1. grade
2. teacher
3. school hours
4. friends and their friends parents

Things parents should do
Toddler thru child hood
1. establish routine
2. enforce a reasonable bedtime
3. read to them daily
4. play with them outside daily , weather permitting

Elementary School Years
1. check book bag every night
2. help with homework
3. provide with necessary school supplies
4. make sure they get to school on time and are picked up on time as well

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