Trying to get it together

I know.

I know.

You have heard that before. I do not know why it is so hard for me to just stay on track. I have to undue so many years of bad habits, but I am not quitting. I went to Zumba last night. It ws fun. It was tough. It was taught by a 50+ yr old woman. She was awesome and so inspirational.

I plan on going at least once a week. I also have the Zumba game for the wii coming. I will update you on how that works out.

My weight is about the same. I am between 232 and 234. I havent gained, but more importantly I haven't lost weight. The school year is winding down and I am very excited. The babies are old enough to really do stuff and I have been working on our schedule. I want to take them bowling, swimming, to the park, etc. I am so happy about my time with them.

My oldest will be home this summer with me. Her summer volunteer camp was cancelled due to government cut backs. I am ok with it though as we can really bond this summer before she goes off and starts high school. The high school years go by so fast.

This is a still from a PSA we did for a campaign from Childrens Health Care of Atlanta. Please check it out sometime.

It is called Strong4Life.

Well enough outta me for now. I will be back soon I promise.


Failed again

I still haven't met my 3 simple goals. Apparently they aren't that simple, huh. I will try again this week. Sometimes I really want to stop trying but I cannot. I cannot gain anymore weight. I barely fit my clothes. I hate how I look in most mirrors most of the time. I deserve better, but still need to learn how to demand more of myself. I need to not medicate with food. Or celebrate with food. You get the picture.

Oh well....its 2 late 4 deep thoughts. Im dozing iff and need my sleep.


Funny Thing about people

They almost always want more than they are willing to give.

Just wanted to get that off my chest. I know in my role as a wife, mother, friend, worker, etc that people will require so much from me. What is surprising is how little they are willing to give back.

Its like everyone wants a delicious meal, but no one want to make the the drinks to go with it, or do dishes afterward, or even serve the food. My family is perfectly happy if i did everything, just let me wait on them hand and foot.'

So it is what it is..


Inactivity is not how we were made.

I know the title sounds so drastic but I really believe it. I think inactivity is a trick from the pit. It feels so good when you do it, but when you need to move quickly you can't. When you need to lift something you can't. It is like you are trading off for a shabby deal.

I was at the gym yesterday and there were two older women in their 50s. They were in such contrast to each other. One lady was on the stairmaster. She was working it. She was on level 5-7, i would guess. Plus she was alternating her climbing. Sometimes she would face front. Other times she would walk sideways and lift her outer leg for more burn. She was putting me to shame.

Then a few machines over there was another other women. She was walking on the treadmill. Just barely walking that is. Her legs moved slow and she was in obvious pain. Luckily she had a trainer working with her. She eventually had to get off of the treadmill and go to the recumbent bike. Yet she did not have even strength in her legs to pedal without the help of her trainer.

I say all of this to say it was heartbreaking. I know we are all born relatively equal baring physical, birth defects and the like. Yet each choice we make takes us down a path. It can be a path of health or a path of disease.

I want to take the healthy path. I want to be able to move with ease and grace. I want to be able to climb, swim, dance, etc. with strength, power, and vibrancy.
Life is meant to lived and I am going to do whatever it takes to live it to the fullest.

I know I may slip up occasionally, but I will get back up one more time than I fall. I hope you do the same. You deserve it. You deserve the best life and best health you can have.



I am still searching for my elusive friend, Balance. It definitely takes focus and skill to find Balance but I truly believe that once I find it that I will be happier and much more at peace. I recognize that there are but so many hours in a day. I have so many responsibilities that I must attend to. However, I must become a priority in my own life.

If I do not value my time and my goals, how can I expect anyone else to value them either?

I am doing my fast break week over again. I cannot move forward until my foundation is solid again. Less I just slip up. I am tried of slipping. Although I did not make not to the gym today I was on my feet walking around for over 3 hours straight. I also squeezed in standing calf raises, side lunges, mini squats, and side leg lifts.

I even came home and cooked a delicious, healthy meal.

I do alot of things right. I just need to get that exercise and eating piece in place& I will be in business.

Sleepy need my rest.


Still down, but not out

I have the best of intentions. I make great plans. Then I get in my own way, my life gets in the way, my excuses win out. Something has to give and that something has to be me. I am the only one who can do it for me. I am the key to my success. I need to get rid of the excuses and get with action.

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