I am still searching for my elusive friend, Balance. It definitely takes focus and skill to find Balance but I truly believe that once I find it that I will be happier and much more at peace. I recognize that there are but so many hours in a day. I have so many responsibilities that I must attend to. However, I must become a priority in my own life.

If I do not value my time and my goals, how can I expect anyone else to value them either?

I am doing my fast break week over again. I cannot move forward until my foundation is solid again. Less I just slip up. I am tried of slipping. Although I did not make not to the gym today I was on my feet walking around for over 3 hours straight. I also squeezed in standing calf raises, side lunges, mini squats, and side leg lifts.

I even came home and cooked a delicious, healthy meal.

I do alot of things right. I just need to get that exercise and eating piece in place& I will be in business.

Sleepy need my rest.

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