Inactivity is not how we were made.

I know the title sounds so drastic but I really believe it. I think inactivity is a trick from the pit. It feels so good when you do it, but when you need to move quickly you can't. When you need to lift something you can't. It is like you are trading off for a shabby deal.

I was at the gym yesterday and there were two older women in their 50s. They were in such contrast to each other. One lady was on the stairmaster. She was working it. She was on level 5-7, i would guess. Plus she was alternating her climbing. Sometimes she would face front. Other times she would walk sideways and lift her outer leg for more burn. She was putting me to shame.

Then a few machines over there was another other women. She was walking on the treadmill. Just barely walking that is. Her legs moved slow and she was in obvious pain. Luckily she had a trainer working with her. She eventually had to get off of the treadmill and go to the recumbent bike. Yet she did not have even strength in her legs to pedal without the help of her trainer.

I say all of this to say it was heartbreaking. I know we are all born relatively equal baring physical, birth defects and the like. Yet each choice we make takes us down a path. It can be a path of health or a path of disease.

I want to take the healthy path. I want to be able to move with ease and grace. I want to be able to climb, swim, dance, etc. with strength, power, and vibrancy.
Life is meant to lived and I am going to do whatever it takes to live it to the fullest.

I know I may slip up occasionally, but I will get back up one more time than I fall. I hope you do the same. You deserve it. You deserve the best life and best health you can have.

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