Aqua Fit CLass

My daughter and I went to an Aqua Fit class at LA Fitness. It seemed appropriate as we did a serious 1st work out the day before. The description of Aqua Fit reads..."Get fit with this challenging water workout! 50 minutes of fun will improve strength and cardiovascular endurance without the impact on your joints."

Well the class had about a dozen or so people. All but 1 were female. I would say the average age was well over 50 if you did not count me and my daughter.

All in all I enjoyed the class. I do however realize that I need a better, simpler bathing suit. The idea of shopping for a bathing suit is less than thrilling. I mean I am 233lbs and have more giggle than I want to own up to. So my choices are not very good at Wal-Mart as a learned when I looked this afternoon.

So I think I am going to check out Ashley Stewart, Lane Bryant, and such stores. I definitely wanna get a one piece becuz it just seems more practical. Plus what am I really doing in a 2 piece at this size...?

Anyway.... I hope I find one that I do not hate.

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