Productive weekend

I feel like most of my weekend went well. I wanted to get some household things done and I wanted to get in some meaningful activity. It feels great to get stuff done.

I started laundry on Friday and had most of it put away by Sunday afternoon. Saturday I took my girls to health rally in COlumbus. It was for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta's Strong4Life Campaign. My daughter was an actress in a few of the ads. They have taken a liking to her and they are planning on supporting our family in getting healthier.

My daughter even got to speak on stage. The really fun part was all of the games and stuff we played. Even though it was mad hot I am glad we went. As we know me and my daughter are well we are a mother and her teenage daughter. I want the best for her, but I do not know if she wants it for herself. I wish she would listen more to what I say. I also need to model better choices where food and exercise is concerned. I know that the typical teenager is selfish and self-absorbed, but I want so much more fro her. She is bright and beautiful. I want her to respect herself more and really try to be the best person she can be.

We also went to the movies on Saturday. The hubby, me, and the babies saw Gnomeo & Juliet. The teenagers saw Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Roderick Rules.

Needless to say I just wanted to stay home on Sunday, which I did for the most part. I ran a brief errand with hubby and also joined him in taking our step kids home.

Up too late..more 2 come.

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