Slimmer This Summer

12 weeks to rock my summer.
Weight Loss Goal 20lbs

My plan:
  • Nutrition- Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Stay under 1400 calories as tracked by My Fitness Pal.
  • Activity-- Be active every day for a minimum of 150 minutes weekly. I plan on going to the gym 5 days a week. I want to meet with a trainer at least once a week. I will bringing my teenage daughter with me, plus my toddlers will get to play in the kids area.
  • Support-- I will blog here, post on SP & FB. I am also going to use a trainer. I will also support my fellow Summer Slimmers.
  • Fun-- Do stuff I like. Zumba. Walking. Just Dance 2. Play with the kids. Hula hoop.

Weigh ins & Weekly Progress-Click link to see what I am up to.
Jun 6: 235# 48% body fat
Jun 13: 232.4# 47%body fat (2.6# total loss 17.4# remaining to lose in the challenge)
Jun 20: 232.4# 48.5%body fat
Jun 27 230.4# 48.2%body fat 1 day of exercise for 30mins.
Jul 4 229.8# 47.6%body fat only 2 days and 70 mins of exercise
Jul 11 227.6# 48.8%body fat 4hrs 30 mins exercise 5 of 7 days exercise
Jul 18 228.8 # 47.7%body fat 4hr 40 min of exercise 7 days in a row
Jul 25 228# 47.6%body fat
Aug 1
Aug 8
Aug 15
Aug 22
Aug 29


  1. Great plan! I am with ya, let's get some weight off!

  2. Stick with the plan and you'll continue to have success! Committment and focus! :-)

  3. Stay strong. Don't give up. Keep it up, you can do this! Michele

  4. Zumba is so much fun, isn't it? Keep up the good work!


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