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My daughter had a chance to act in print and video for a campaign to stop childhood obesity. The 1st round of ads were very controversial. See for yourself.

These ads have been run in Macon & Columbus GA. They are
scheduled to come to our area, Atlanta, in June.

They have also used my daughter and myself in the 2nd round of ads.

These are much more positive. They also start to explain that what they really want to focus on is having all families be/get healthy.
Because my daughter participation in these ads, she has been afforded some wonderful opportunities. We have the chance to send her to a fitness camp for a week in the summer.

Even more exciting is that she got to be the Today Show to speak about her participation in their ad campaign.

Now as summer has arrived, we await word from Children's Health Care of Atlanta. They will be conducting a healthy evaluation on Maya and linked her up with services and activities to help lower her healthy risks and help her be more fit.

I am also hoping to get help too. Lord knows I need it. I want us both to be healthier.
I will share info on our progress as it occurs.


  1. it's so great that this has given you and your daughter some help to become more fit! The last picture is you and your daughter? Love that picture! :)

  2. Good on your daughter for having strength and confidence to spread the word. She is absolutely beautiful! You both must be very proud.

  3. Wow. This really is an amazing opportunity, and it must be quite motivating for both of you to get healthier and healthier as role models for young and not so young. I applaud your daughter for participating!

  4. What a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of so many! And what a beautiful girl. Bravo to both of you for taking this on.


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