20 June Thoughts

I let the past week really hold me back. I am thankful for not gaining weight, but I cannot and will not let this become a habit. I did workout everyday but my food was not good at all. I ate out too often and too much.

Today is a new day.

I made it to the gym in the a.m. and did both cardio and strength training.
  • 10 mins on recumbent bike--50 cals
  • 4 leg strength training exercises
  • 35 mins on the Elliptical--400 cals

yes... gross but shows that I was workin it out.

Now I just need to keep me calories in check and today will be a success.

at least 8 glasses... i lost count.

Breakfast:310cal Captain Crunch Cereal with Lowfat Milk
Lunch: 510cal Brown Rice and 2 shake n' bake chicken strips
Dinner:370cal 1.5 cups spaghetti with 1 cup wheat pasta
Snack: 370 cal--4 cookies with milk

Total cals 1550
Daily goal 1775
Remaining 225


  1. That looks like a great burn to me! Keep it up. I need to be sweating that much during a work out. Thanks so much for linking up to Motivation Monday!

  2. Nicely done on the exercise! That's where I need to step it up. And you know what? Today IS a new day. Here's to a good week for all of us!!

  3. Sounds like today was on track. Keep up the good work and let the momentum build:)

  4. We all fall of the bandwagon every once in a while. Keep at it, the good thing is that you are not letting it get to you :). You identified the problem and are working at it. I have to say you inspired me to work out for at least 30 minutes a day every day. So, you have supporters out there and are encouraging others like me so keep at it and thank you :).

  5. THANK YOU for your comments on my blog(s)! lol. Ill def be following you and I need all the encouragement I can get!


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