Goal weight

How did you chose your goal weight?

I have been thinking lately about what is a good goal weight for me. I know where I would ideally like to be. Ialso know how hard it may be to get to my magic number. I want to weigh like 150#. This what I looked like at 150# about 8.5 years ago. I thought I looked good especially for being 31.

Here is another shot of me around that time.

Part of me wants to embrace the goal weigh of 150. While part of me is afraid of it. Can i really do it....? With 2 small children... a teenager entering high school... a new doggy... a loving husbad... and a large house to keep up all while working full time (starting back in August).

My hubby says that 175 is a good number for me. That is funny since when we meet I was around 195#. Here is a pic of my in the 190's after our son was born.

So even in the 190's I was looking quite cute..even in white pants if I may say so myself. So as I continue on this journey I continue to struggle with what my weight goal is.

I guess only time will tell what I do and where I will end up.


  1. I set my goal to 155. I remember in high school I thought that was fat. LOLOLOLOL.

    You do look marrrvelous at 190.

  2. 190 looks amazing on you. When I got married I weighed 140-145 and I thought I was fat. Once upon a time I lost down to 150 even though I wanted to be 135. I looked AWESOME ;). However, more recently when I lost I got down to 163 and that was as low as I could go. I'm just going to play it by ear. I'm pretty happy in the 170s but if I can get down in the 160s (and maintain it) I'll be over the moon.


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