S-T-S Week of June 13th, 2011

Week of June 13th
Starting Data --Weight 232.4#
Body Fat 47%

Ending weight: 232.4# ---> boo!

Nutrition-- Under calories as defined by My Fitness Pal. 64 oz or more of water.
Activity-- Gym. Swim. Walk. Weights 3 days a week. Cardio 15 minutes minimum every day. (21 day streak)
Support-- Blog, talk to, post on FB my successes, setbacks, & failures. Read & comment on the blogs of others.
Fun--some TV time, some games on FB, QT with kids at movies, park, pool, etc.

General Comments and Updates:
My dad is visiting this week arriving Monday a.m. and departing Friday a.m. So I may not be able to get in the serious workouts that I was able to this past week. I guess that means that I will have to be more diligent and deliberate in my food choices.
  • Monday-15 mins. aerobics-Over on food. Water so-so.
  • Tuesday-20 mins. Zumba-Over on food. Water good.
  • Wednesday-20 mins. Zumba-Over on food. Water good. I hate how I look for any excuse to eat poorly...eat out..etc. I do not know why I sabotage myself like that. I really need to do some soul seraching and get to the bottom of my problem.
  • Thursday--20 mins. Zumba-Ok on food. Water so-so. Sad for my dad to leave, but glad 2 get back 2 'normal'. I almost messed up my exercise streak. But i did Zumba at 1135 at night. Felt great to not fail myself when I have made such progress on building the exercise habit.
  • Friday--30 mins. Zumba. Food bad. Water great.
  • Saturday--15 mins. Zumba. DDid an early weigh and i see a no change weigh in ahead of me. I won't quit even if I am imperfect in my methods. This 21 dat exercise strength has really helped my fitness resolve. I am contemplating a 21 day calorie/food challenge for myself.
  • Sunday--15 minutes walking dog.

06/17- Check out my late night/early morning Zumba.


  1. Excuses are just that, excuses. We have trained ourselves to take comfort in food - actually psychologically changed our minds to get actual pleasure out of a big piece of cheesecake or a nice juicy burger. But you know what - along with those momentary endorphins come long-term negative effects like the view in the mirror, the unworn (too small) cute clothes hanging in the closet, the missed opportunities due to self-consciousness. That's what I have done to myself so many times and I'm tired of saying 'no' to vacations, concerts, hikes, etc. because I'm too worried about how fat I am. I want to live life and you deserve to as well - so don't give in to the momentary taste of a high cal food, focus on the prize at the end. You're worth it!

  2. The food just isn't worth it! Stick to this, I know you want to lose weight. You're doing good with tracking the exercise, now keep tracking that food and get it down. Plan, plan, plan! I know you can do this! Can't wait to see how this week went!

  3. Zumba is on the Kinetic, right. I got to do a game demo at Best Buy. The carnival one. It seems like a great thing to have your big tv pay back and contribute towards fitness.

    Have a great father's day.


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