S-T-S Week of June 27th, 2011

Week of June 27th
Starting Data --Weight 230.4# (-2#)
Body Fat 48.6% (same)

Ending data 229.8 (-0.6#)

Nutrition-- Under calories as defined by My Fitness Pal. 64 oz or more of water.

Activity-- Gym. Swim. Walk. Weights 3 days a week. Cardio 15 minutes minimum every day. (21
Support-- Blog, talk to, post on FB my successes, setbacks, & failures. Read & comment on the blogs of others.

Fun--some TV time, some games on FB, QT with kids at movies, park, pool, etc.

General Comments and Updates:
  • 6/27 Monday: tracked-YES, exercise-NO
  • 6/28 Tuesday: Exercise-30min mowing lawn
  • 6/29 Wednesday:tracked: yes, Exercise: NO
  • 6/30 Thursday: tracked: yes, Exercise: NO
  • 7/01 Friday:tracked:NO, Exercise: NO
  • 7/02 Saturday: tracked:NO, Exercise: NO
  • 7/03 Sunday: tracked:NO, Exercise: NO
Food report will be posted on Sunday p.m.
This pic is of me after I mowed the front yard.

7/2--- I have been MIA. My daughter came back on Wednesday. I also worked as an extra on a TV set. To say the least it has been hectic. I know that is not an excuse I am just informing the masses. I haven't totally over indulged but I am not where I wanna be. I mid-week weighed in and my weight was the same. I guess time will tell. If you read my previous few posts you can see I am in a weird place.


  1. Hopefully things will fall into place for a successful week coming up. We all know what we need to do. Meeting your goals will make a loss happen for you and we all want to read about it!!

  2. Hectic days/weeks are the worst when you're trying to lose weight. Just keep your head in the game and the rest will follow. :)

  3. Here is to a better week with STS and exercise and food tracking. Nice though that you spent time with your daughter. Family is most important!


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