Schedule or No Schedule...

That is the question. I have been going back and forth about whether not I should have a set schedule for the type of workout that I do. Or do I play it by ear..

Each setup has pros and cons.

  • No schedule. Less rigid. More freedom or choice. Allows for more variety.
  • Set schedule. More consistent. Easier to track improvements. Less variety.

Up until now I have been kinda playing it by ear. It works so-so. I think that is why I am l contemplating having a set schedule. When I lost weight before and lost a sig
nificant amont of weight I did so by having a set-schedule and routine for my workouts.

So here is the plan I came up with:

I like this one because it has variety and I could track how I progress if I do the same type of workout on the equipment. PLus the Wednesday Body works puts me in a class and demands me to get outta my comfort zone.

So I guess I will try this for the next few weeks. This schedule does not mean that I can't do extra exercises in addition to my scheduled workout.

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