We went to White Water

I woke up Friday and decided to take the kids to White Water. I found a deal where I could pay for season passes in 3 payments so I went for it. The kids have been talking about the water park ever since we went. I am so thankful that my 14 y.o. daughter going with me. It would be nearly impossible to do this trip without a 2nd person.

Me and my namesake enjoying the lazy river.

My 3 youngest in the wave pool.

My babies on the pirate ship. My older one shooting water. While my namesake get ready to slide down the slide.

Definitely my fav pic. Great light. Great smiles.

To say the least a great time was had by all.

This is just the beginning of a the greatest summer ever.......
(here's hoping)

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  1. Oh how fun! I know it's hard to be at a water park with little ones. Glad the older one could go. My 14 year old helps a LOT, which is nice. Great pictures and awesome memories! :-)


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