20 Habits You SHOULDN'T Have

20 Habits that Make People Fat


I am going to address the 20 items on the list and where I am in terms of whether or not I do the listed offense. I found this article on Yahoo Health. It was an eye opener for me.
Undecided - 3 counts
Guilty - 10 counts
Innocent - 7 counts

FAT HABIT #1: Eating "low-fat"- Innocent. I think the only thing I get low fat is milk. Yay!

FAT HABIT #2: Not seeking nutrition advice. Guility!-- I think it would definitely help to meet with a nutritionalist. I do however try to stay abreast and well read on nutrition and health info.

FAT HABIT #3: Sleeping too little or too much--Guilty! I am working on this. Shooting for an earlier bedtime.

FAT HABIT #4: Eating free restaurant foods---Guilty! Hard to pass up a bargain. It may not be much of a bargain for my body.

FAT HABIT #5: Drinking soda—even diet!---Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! I plan on working on this eventually.

FAT HABIT #6: Skipping meals---Innocent! I could stand to have healthy snacks between meals.

FAT HABIT #7: Eating too quickly--Guilty!

FAT HABIT #8: Watching too much TV---Guilty ...really GUILTY!

FAT HABIT #9: Ordering the combo meal---Guilty!

FAT HABIT #10: Facing the buffet. Changing. But we don't go very often.

FAT HABIT #11: Eating off larger plates--Changing. Trying to change this.

FAT HABIT #12: Putting serving dishes on the table--Innocent! I serve from Kitchen on regular meals. Only on holiday do we put food in front of us on the table.

FAT HABIT #13: Choosing white bread ---Guilty! I have used my family as the excuse for not buying whole grain, but I am going to have to buy and eat it just for myself.

FAT HABIT #14: Taking big bites--- Undecided. I am going to have to take a closer look at if I do this.

FAT HABIT #15: Not drinking enough water--Innocent! I stay hydrated.

FAT HABIT #16: Having overweight friends---Innocent. My newer GA friend are slim. I do not really have a best friend here. My FLA friends were normal sized/slim. I hung out with them also.

FAT HABIT #17: Eating too late --Guilty. I need to work on this. I need to eat during the better time range. I also need to avoid late night snacking and boredom snacking that occurs late night.

FAT HABIT #18: Not using a scale---Innocent! I have to work to stay away from the scale to often. I also know that if I ignore the scale too much that the weight definitely has a way of sneaking up on me.

FAT HABIT #19: Drinking fruity beverages---Innocent--The only exception is if I go out with girls.

FAT HABIT #20: Eating when emotional--GUILTY!!! I suspect that is why I am overweight now.


  1. I think on things that you don't do often, then its not really a "habit". Like the buffet. I think a habit is something you, well... make a habit out of! :-D

    I should examine these closer and see how many of them I WAS guilty of. I'm don't think I'm guilty of any of them now.

  2. Hmmmm guilty on all counts, your honor! LOL, no I am making improvements in every area listed ... I think. Cool list, thanks for sharing.


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