Any mothers of teenage daughters out there

Here I lay in my bed...awake @ past midnight. My daughter got back a few days ago from a visit with her dad. It was nice to have a break I must admit. This past year with her has been real challenging. She has gotten real hot in the pants & I am so upset & frustrated.

She chases after boys over the internet. She sends suggestive pictures. She is too much for her own good. I have given her time and time again to make good choices but I keep checking her & seeing that is not what she is doing.  I kinda feel like I am at my wits end but I know I just need to stand my ground keep on her.

I have decided to deactivate her facebook. I also think I am going to take her cell phone indefinitely. If her dad needs to reach he's gonna hafta go thru me. This is the plan until school start next month. After that I will probably get her a track fone or remove internet and maybe even texting from her plan. She is going to have to prove herself to me & she hasn't done that yet.

I really do not know what else to do. I want to trust her but I can't. It really sucks. I am tired & have a ton of stuff to do. Did I mention she is going away to a fitness camp next week. I pray she don't behave inappropriately their.

Please pray for me &my family.

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  1. My first one was an angel. Well, not quite, but compared to my second one!! He lost myspace, facebook, ipod, internet, use of the car, I even made him come to my work after school for a month so I could babysit him. (not all at the same time!) hes gotten much better and leaves for college this fall. (which could be a whole new problem)
    Stand your ground!! Once they see they can move the boundaries they seem to get even more stubborn at trying to move them!
    Prayers to you and her!


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