Feelings-Not weight related

I have been feeling really numb lately. Like I am not totally tuned in to my life. Like my wants, desires, needs, etc are of no importance. Also my patience has gotten shorter, my sex drive is all but non-exisent... and I am concerned.

It is like mini-depression...I feel capable and upbeat one day... then a few days later I am worn out and overwhelmed. I woke up practically in tears on Monday. And here I lay in my bed about to cry again. This sucks...

I want my emotions to be more even. I want to feel excited and happy with my life the majority of the time. It is my husbands birthday saturday and I got him a card but no real gift. I couldn't find or steal the time to go get him stuff. I have lost my vest for stuff and it doesn't feel good.

Anyway... I just wanted to get this of my chest so that I could hopefully fall asleep without crying. I do not have it in my explain everything that I feel is wrong or bothering me. Maybe it is just my period coming and that is why I feel so crappy. I guess only time with tell. It sucks being such a mess.

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  1. Talk to a doc or your gyn!! Seriously!! Nothing wrong with getting a little help to get you thru!!!


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