Loving me and staying on track

I have been thinking alot lately. I know scary, but work with me. I have been thinking about my overall self improvement, not just the weight loss.
Don't get me wrong I welcome being a healthy, normal size. I also have so many other areas where I feel I fall short. I know that I am my own worst enemy in many ways. I do, however, believe that it is important to always work on yourself.

I need to get my drive back stop being as lazy and procrastinating as I have been. I have lotsa things I want to get to. I also have lotsa stuff I need to get to. So since I have followers ---aka--- FRIENDS to share my life struggles, issues, celebrations, etc with I thought no better place than to get myself together than on here.

So I hope you don't mind ... This blog will also contain my daily issues. I really see it as all related. I read a quote the states:

  1. If we really love ourselves, everything in our life works.
    - by Hay, Louise L.

I do believe that there is a great amount of truth in that quote. I am not shooting for perfection...What I really want to maximize progress and minimize regrets.

So this week my main FITNESS goals are:

I also want to get more ORGANIZED around my house.
  • sell stuff on CL-items posted but no bites yet
  • give away stuff on Freecycle- 1 item picked up so far
  • go thru one hallway closet-completed on Tuesday
I also want to SPEND more QT with My kids and hubby
  • outside play time-oon Mon...Tues..
  • video tape kids being themselves...scheduled for Thursday if I dont forget
  • movie or water park- thursday goin to see Marmaduke

  • Mail pics to my mom and the inlaws
  • mail registration of dog to county

I am excited to see how this week goes.
Please help me to stay on track & on task.

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  1. I wanted to thank you for all the kind words you have been leaving on my blog(s) lately. I havent had a chance in forever to get to everyone elses but I started today........and I like the new set up of yours! Ive procrastinated forever.......a year long vaca from trying to lose weight, until my pants were feeling too snug and my knees started hurting again. So, Im off the couch (no pun intended) and finally doing something about it! And you will too! Ill be back around to check on you!


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