S-T-S Week of July 18th, 2011

Week of July 18th
Starting Data --Weight 228.8 (up 1.2# from last week)
Body Fat 47.7%
Ending data 228.0

Goals:-- I want to get to 225.... Sooo Bad.

- Under calories as defined by My
Fitness Pal. 64 oz or more of water.Take pics of most meals and post.

Activity-- Gym. Swim. Walk. Weights 3 days a week. Cardio 15 minutes minimum every
Support-- Blog, talk to, post on FB my successes, setbacks, & failures. Read & comment on the blogs of others.

Fun--some TV time, some games on FB, QT with kids at movies, park, pool, etc.

Mini Updates on my progress----

07/18 Monday: 30mins cardio on Just Dance 2. Some of the songs I did include. Its Raining Men, Wake me up, Hey Ya, CRazy in Love, S.o.S. and others .Very fun way to get in cardio. Calories total: 1575.

07/19 Tuesday: Did Just dance 2 for cardio 7 songs total, I think. I did Call me, Dagomba, satisfaction, Soul Bossa NOva, Holiday, I want you back, When I grow up, and maybe a few more. Next time i'm gonna write them down.

07/20 Wednesday: 15min bike at gym(100cal)..25min exerbeat(300cal) plus at leads 30 min of Just Dance 2.. My food was on point. I want to keep this streak up and make a serious dent in my weight.

07/21 Thursday: 15min on Wii Fit PLus. 30 mins on Just dance 2- 11 songs. 1600 calories consumed. Ate ok but had 2 much junk food.

07/22 Friday: 40 mins om wii. Spent afternoon checkin gout daycares with not much luck.

07/23 Saturday: 5min jumping jacks. 15mins Just Dance 2.
07/24 Sunday: 15min. mowing lawn. 30 mins Just Dance 2.

I thought I had a great week, but the scale did not move enough for me. I am upset with myself and I am not giving up. I do feel a but defeated and worn out. I know that getting healthy is a marathon... not a sprint. I know I can do it. It just feels like whats the point right now. I woke up with a headache. have the sniffles. I am stressing about my day care situation for my 2 youngest. I go back to work in 2 weeks. I really wanted to be to in the 210s when I went back to work.


  1. Those elusive 3 pounds - give it heck this week, good luck!

  2. Don't let your scale take the great week from you. It could simply be the fact that you are coming down with something, you did a lot of exercise after all.

  3. You did great this week. The scale will catch up with your efforts just keep plugging away.

  4. I agree with everyone else, you are doing the right things, the scale will get there eventually.


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