21 Days 4.0 Growing Closer to God

I have an emptiness in me that I know only God can fill. I get so busy that I do not take time to pray or meditate on HIs word. Then when I finally get...make time in Sunday to go to church I am overwhelmed and overrun with emotion. I decided to rebuild my relationship with him and I am starting by doing devotions once a day.

The devotion website is titled Girlfriends in God.

Date Topic
31 July In His Eyes
02 Aug Whose Voice Do You Hear? - I found this devotion very appropriate as it seems to my day to day I have so much noise in my life that I can't hear myself think much less hear the voice of the Lord. I need to silence or at least quiet my life down quite a bit. I also need to be still sometimes so that I can hear. Focus verse: My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me (John 10:27, NIV).
03 Aug Changing the Way We Speak By Renewing the Mind With so much responsibilities in my life. I get easily stressed. Stopping before i speak is a skill I could benefit from sharpening.
04 Aug
05 Aug

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